Anti-War Haiku Wall

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peace thread

around the clock enough candles to light the world /cindy

indian music from a bedroom window my improvised dance /sheila

silent protest just one tear later /suhni

candles in the rain we mourn the horrors of war / carmen

daffodils each year more on the verge /sheila

gathering as much peace as i can whilst i can /sprite

48-hour deadline beyond the scope of worry beads /cindy

wrapped in u.s.flags 'criminals & killers' written over the stripes /suhni

'they stamped him and they labelled him like you do with pants & shirts' /bob dylan

Bush x-aisle offer I don't think Mr. H is going for the clearance rack /cindy

one demonstator carries a sign 'Viva La France' /suhni

first world war over dinner we discuss what it was for /sheila

my weekend: protest marches on saturday peace vigils on sunday /suhni

sulphur scents the dark /sheila

a moment of silence while the time bomb is ticking /suhni

'not long now' i'll be a great aunt given the chance /sheila

war on the horizon the full moon disappears into fog /paul mena

never before in history have so many marched against war /sprite

poet reads/the power of peace/impending war /deborah

sand storm/vox clamans in deserto/stop the war /moussia

".will be long and difficult" the market rebounds /Gary B

a poet writing in the park the sound of students marching /semi



peace talks
wrapped in plastic
tied with tongues

peace talks

deborah russell

difficult to hear
when the words whispered
with MOAB

Gary B




Bagdad by night
Sherazade does not know
more tales

Moussia - Roma

by night googles
War of the Worlds

Gary B

written last night....

exploded skies
in a modern version
of Arabian nights


blow by blow newscoverage revealing more bloodshed

another generation branded by an overspill of violence

the blame game busier than ever: insults added to injuries

out of 23 deaths only 4 from 'enemy' fire who will calculate the procentage?

an increase of 'blue on blue' incidents wont paint a sandy desert green




Copyright authors, 2003