Anti-War Haiku Wall

Project description

A cooperative project with editors from several countries, each one managing different sections of the site. The project will have several dimensions:

*** a protest wall: haiku (senryu) that display reactions to and opinions about the news of wars (descriptive) haibun section.

*** a wall and specialized sections for haiku that relate to present wars (and)especially the plans for an Iraq War) and peace

*** a historical directory: collections of haiku from past conflicts (from WWI to now)

*** an educational directory: articles about writing haiku related to conflicts


- A publication web site managed by editors

- A public mailing list (awhw) with controlled admission to avoid spam
but free posting by the members

The site

- A manifest page telling why we run this site
- Writing guidelines and rules defining what is forbidden (nationalism,
hate, personal attack . . .)
- A page to present the team, emails, contacts
- Editor's pages

- A wall for 'selected' protest haiku
- Wall pages of haiku selected by the editors from submissions
- One distinguished haiku per week in the central page

- Sections by conflicts (Iraq, Palestine/Israel, North Korea . . . )
- A historical section with haiku and tanka from past wars (collections, articles)
- A classical section for haiku of the Japanese haijin masters
- A section for haibun
- A section for articles about the use of haiku in wartime.
- A section with featured poets

- Links, bibliography
- News from sites about the same subject