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Dec. 25th 2006
Tanka - my student tells me ... (M. Kei)

Sept. 11th 2005
Haiga - If... (Geert Verbeeke)

Links :
Terrorism Knowledge Database

Aug. 20th
Candlelight Vigil - thomas fortenberry
News : Come to Washington, DC September 24-26
Support Cindy Sheehan
Links : Peace groups Iraq coalition Casualty Count website

August 15th
The site is split in two projects :
- the Haiku Anthology
- the Anti-War Haiku Wall

May 21th
Update of the site
Check the Protest Walls, WWII, WWI, present wars, terrorism,
Mauthausen : A sequence from Dietmar Tauchner

The unidentified president of a U.S. military tribunal in Guantanamo bursts out: "I don't care about international law. I don't want to hear the words 'international law' again. We are not concerned with international law."

quoted by Yahoo (April 09th, 2005)

March 26th, 05
Update link on information sites (torture)
War Haiku : Daniel PY on Palestine, Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan - Bogdanka Stojanovski (YU) - Serge Tomé on Iraq

after a long silence, the Abu Graib abuses and the painfull descent into hell of the image we had of America...

June 6th, 04
Themes : D Day - Serge Tomé (Belgium), Flanders fields - Guy Vanden Broeck (Belgium)

May 19th
Information :
The New Yorker : THE GRAY ZONE by SEYMOUR M. HERSH How a secret Pentagon program came to Abu Ghraib.

The New Yorker : the magazine’s coverage of the conflict with Iraq

May 16th
Sequences : for Shane - Benita Kape (New-Zealand)

May 09th
Open themes : War cemeteries - Ardennes American Cemetary
news : Picture of the real war

May 2nd
Articles : Mutiny is the only way out of Iraq's inferno - Naomi Klein

April 23th
Links - information, the memoryhole.org
Links - At war - memories sites

April 17th
Short forms : My Part of the Skin - Madan G. Gandhi

April 14th
Links: The Brussels Tribunal - hearing committee composed of academics, intellectuals and artists in the tradition of the Russell Tribunal. (in Belgium !)

April 09th
Another wall ...
Present wars : Kosovo
Themes : Civilians at war

March 22th
Past wars - Vietnam : folded flag ~ Recollections of Rice Paddies
Open themes : Bombardments - Jasminka Nadaskic Djordjevic

March 16th
Open themes - Terrorism - Madrid, 11 mars 2004

Jan 26th 2004
Update of the walls
Short forms : Yperite, Tyne Cot, Zuydcote - Jan Theuninck (Belgium)
Short verses : Bagdad nights (sprite) - desert wind (Moussia)
Linked poetry : holiday shopping : Cindy, Claire
Past wars - WWI : Pasubio (Italy 1915)
tanka : iraq - Sheila (UK)
Sequences : to all mothers ... - Toshiro Takeshita (Japan)
Open thems - Holocaust : 27 Jan 2004
Links : FBI sites

Nov. 21th
Update of the Walls
Urgent actions : Create a TV ad that tells the truth about George W. Bush.

Oct. 29th
News links :
Saint-Louis (USA) Instead of War Coalition - Cost of the War - Occupation Watch

Oct. 16th
Past Wars : Vietnam - thomas fortenberry

Oct. 15th
Open themes : Civil War, War Wounded
Short verses : The End of the Poem - Ginka Biliarska (Bulgaria)
Urgent Actions : Fire Rumsfeld and Change Course - Petition.
Poets Against the War : Organize a poetry reading against the war on October 25.

Sept 23th
Open themes - War wounded : Louis Raoul

Sept. 18th
Sequences : In the dark night - Konstantin Dimitrov /Guerres et révolutions - Francis Tugayé (France)
Urgent actions : OCTOBER 25th: March for an end to the occupation of Iraq!
News sites - Misleader : a daily chronicle of bush administration distortion

Sept. 07th
Links : news - Independent news from the ground in Iraq

August 27th
Poets at war - in memorial Kylan Jones-Huffman
Past Wars - Hiroshima Day

August 12th
Opening of a Korea section in the past wars

August 3rd
Short forms : Burials - Gary Blankenship

August 2nd
Information links - ICC

August 1st
Open Themes - Terrorism : Rob Mestre

July 27th
Update of the wall pages

May 29th
Articles : Senator Robert Byrd: The truth on Iraq will emerge
Walls updated
Past Wars : Hirahata Seito - Kato Shuson
Basho's haiku : new translations
Basho's legacy : Moussia Fantoli (Italy)

May 05th
tanka : imprisoned by news - Deborah Russel (USA)
Linked verses : 'earth wars'

April 28th
tanka : constant news - Carmen Sterba

April 19th
Short forms : Requiem - Angelee Deodhar (India)

April 18th
short verses : president's speech - Cindy
Linked poetry : a link to 'On the Road to Basra: A Kasen Renku'
Past wars : Japanese haiku
Modification of the wall pages structure for the next wars...

April 15th
Collection : Robert Wilson - Vietnam Ruminations.
I want to tell you he is my American hero. I am very proud to publish him. - Serge Tomé.

April 13th
News links : Human Rights Watch

April 12th
Information links : Geneva Conventions
Sequences: German contributions

April 10th
short verses - thorns of roses - Moussia

Apr. 6th
Short verses : Ramadan Kareem
Short forms : Scores - Cindy
Linked verses : desert storm

Apr. 3rd
tanka : special report - sprite
Info links : Iraq Peace Team
Sequences : RAW WAR RAW WAR - Bogdanka Stojanovski (Serbia & Montenegro)

Mar. 31th
awhw mailing list links : Bagdad
tanka : surfing channels - Linda Jeannette Ward
Protest sites : Etapes Design

Mar. 30th
tanka : we can sleep - Alison (UK)
Urgent Actions : A Citizens' Declaration (Moveon.org)
Modification of the home page - A separate caption.

Mar. 27th
Update of the home page
Update of Serge Tome's page

Mar. 25th
Sequences : day after day - sprite (UK)

Mar. 22th
Walls - Splitting in walls - Before and after March 20th
Past Wars - Yugoslav Poets
Sequences - Spring Haiku - Mark Johnson (USA)

Mar. 20th
walls update (7am GMT)
Events page - Day X (your contributions)
Haibun -remote control - Heather Madrone (USA), advent season - Robert Wilson, candleglow - Benita
Links - Personal poetry sites
Linked verses - peace talks

Mar. 19th
Past Wars - Yugoslavia - Nato Bombardments campaign (Spring 1999)
Events page - Day X - beginning of the war (continuous update)

Mar. 18th
Haibun - Qasim - J.R. Snyder (USA)
Short verses - 2 cinquains - sprite

Mar. 17th
Open themes - Holocaust : Shoa - Gerd Börner (Germany)
Past Wars - WWII German Haiku - Gerd Börner
Events page - March 16th - Global Vigil for Peace

Mar. 16th
tanka - Carmen Sterba - Alison Williams
Classics - Japan
Haiga - St Valentine's day gillena cox
Sequences - wrapped in u.s. flags - suhni (USA)

Mar. 15th
Events - Peace flags in Italy updated

Mar. 13th
Events - Peace flags in Italy
Actions links : Sojourners - Christians for Justice and Peace - Petition to the President Bush - An Alternative to War for Defeating Saddam Hussein

Mar. 12th
(March 12th) Global Candlelight Vigil for Peace: Sunday, March 16 -- 7:00 PM
Protest writing sites : Poetes contre la guerre - la partie francophone de l'action de Sam Hill par Georges Abou-Hsab (Montréal)

Haiku - WWII - Nagasaki : Yatsuka Ishihara
Short verses : To the Sniper - Stone - Silva Mizerit (Slovenia)
Links - articles : L'Empire contre l'Irak (Le monde Diplomatique), Power and Weakness By Robert Kagan - Les néo-conservateurs pour la morale de l'Histoire (Liberation)
Protest sites - Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
Info sites - The Non Violence Web A.N.S.W.E.R.
Links - Haiku sites - Hiroshima Peace Park and A-bomb dome (photos illustrated by haiku), Peace Haiku from Ohshima, Nagasaki, Japan

Mar. 10th

Feb 27th
News - Noam Chomsky
linked verses
WWII - Opening of an Hiroshima page
Haibun - Rome British War Cemetery - Moussia

Feb 25th
WWII - German haiku
Past wars - deep in the Past ... , Vietnam
Short forms - The Secure Selection of Colors

Feb 24th
Themes - War cemeteries

Feb 23th
News about publication
Haiga : Stille...
News : one link

Feb 22th
Protest and information site. Articles but also funny things.
New protest page in French
Past Wars : Vietnam (return to Sacred Mountain - link) - Poetry by Dennis Fritzinger (link),
WWII haiku links, Sarajevo Haiku, links in SEE wars
Bibliography - Dylan Welch : Gulf war Anthology / Violet Kazue De Cristoforo : May Sky: There Is Always Tomorrow: An Anthology of Japanese American Concentration Camp Kaiko Haiku
War crimes information : Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing (Definitions and Theory, a very complete study)
New section : Books - Sommergrass
New section : Events Haiku

IMPORTANT Information - new section about the dark clouds

Feb 21th
Open themes - The Holocaust
Vietnam - Ty Hadman - Ten days R&R in Japan

Feb 20th
Collections - Marlene Mountain
Linked poetry - New page

Feb 19th
Urgent Actions : Virtual March on Washington on February 26th - Win Without War - Keep America safe

Feb 18th
Open themes - Refugees - 'thru barbed wire' by suhni sprite & carmen
Sequences : 'life of riley' Cindy Tebo

Feb 17th
Poets in war : Yasuhiko Shigemoto (Japan - Hiroshima), Jasminka Nadaskic Djordjevic (Yugoslavia - 1999 Nato bombardments)

Feb 15th
Haiga : Soji - battlefield
Tanka - War talks - William J. Higginson (USA)
Short forms : Gabriel Bakke (Norway), Pamela A. Babusci (USA)
Sequences : Valentine's Day

Feb 14th
Classics : Basho's Summer Grasses (Variations) - Ron C. Moss's haiga
News : Celebrities speak...
Urgent Actions :Amnesty International's Petition

Feb 13th
Tanka : Marjorie Buettner
Classics : Basho's Summer Grasses (Variations)

Feb 12th
Links : actions, news
Short verses : he follows - H. Gene Murtha (USA)

Feb 11th
Opening of French speaking pages, ouverture des pages francophones

Feb 10th
Linked verses : update
Short verses : Justin Cannon

Feb 7th
Linked one-line verses : from the awhw mailing list...

Feb 6th
News : Poets Against the War (Sam Hamill, USA) February 12: A Day of Poetry Against the War
Protest sites :
new links
Action links : new links
Open themes : Crimes against Humanity (Women poems from Ravensbruck WWII)

Feb 5th
new links in the News sites section
Editor's page : Moussia (draft), Alenka Zorman
Open themes : War crimes, crimes against Humanity
Open themes : Cold War (biowarfare link)

Feb 3rd
Open themes - Civil Wars - Gettysburg
Linked verses - They Speak Of War

Feb 2nd
100 Poets Against The War : a link to an e-book project in the Protest sites section
Information sites : nthposition.com

Feb 1
Haibun : Carmen Sterba
Open themes : Cemeteries - a link to a wonderful haiga (Paul David Mena)

Jan 31th
Haiga : anti-personal mines - Paul Conneally
Some pages in Open themes

Jan 30th
News pages in open themes : Peace, Homeland security act
A wonderful link in the past wars section : Yasuhiko Shigemoto (Japan)
Haiku en français de la Grande Guerre (site de Gabor Terebess)

Jan 29th
Julien Vocance : Cent visions de guerre (WWI France 1916) on the wonderful site of Gabor Terebess, Hungary

Jan 28th
Short forms : Robert Wilson
tanka : Jane E. Wilson
New structure : short verses and a limited number of pages for short forms
A new editor for Italy and Europe ... Moussia (Italy) moussiawall CHEZ yahoo.com

Jan 27th
New structure for past wars pages
Feb 15th action announce

Jan 24th
Open themes : Terrorism section :
I know that I have a Guardian Angel.

Jan 23th
News : The 'Daisy' Ad Campaign on MoveOn.org
Editor's pages : Cindy Tebo
Links : Pacifisme

Jan 22th
A new haiga section
Short verses : Cinquain - Lisa Janice Cohen

Jan 21th
Linked poetry : Thread from Bashos

Jan 20th
add to the wall pages
add of a news section with some news from the coming war ...

Jan 17th (see the home page)
Thematic pages
Sequences pages
Add to present and past wars pages
Update of the wall and protest pages

Jan 14th
In the editor's pages : Micheline Beaudry
Haibun pages : Robert Wilson

Jan. 13th
Opening of the thematic page
Call to editors
Linked poetry : angry, On women in Afghanistan
Editor's pages : Carmen Sterba

January 10th
Opening of the site (with many empty pages...)

January 9th
Opening of the haiku mailing list awhw

January 7th 2003
Opening of the support group

December 31th 2002 - Day 0